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Piece/Table Automatic Packing Machine(Two Plates)

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Piece  Automatic Packing Machine(Two Plates)

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The company was founded in 2000+
Production workshop area: 7000+ square meters
Specializing in the production of multi-function packaging machines, packaging machine accessories, filling machines
Packing types up to 200+
Provide packaging solutions for 8,000 + companies
Exported to about 30 + countries and regions at home and abroad


Choose Zhonghe --  eight  advantages

Founded for 22 years, has a group of professional engineers

Door-to-door transportation, one-year free warranty for main parts, 24-hour online service

Free on-site installation, debugging and training

After-sales service group, convenient for accessories docking and technical consultation

After the equipment is upgraded, provide timely technical update services to increase the service life of the customer’s machine

Emergency service-the equipment beyond the warranty period will be repaired first and then charged

Low noise, fast speed, high measurement accuracy and low failure rate.

Fast equipment delivery, sufficient spare parts inventory, pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales guarantee

DCPP-300/400 Piece  Automatic Packing Machine(Two Plates)
Technical Specification
Model Piece  Packing Machine(two plates) DCPP-300 Piece  Packing Machine(two plates) DCPP-400
Method of Measurement Piece-counting type Piece-counting type
Range of Measurement Made by customizde Made by customizde
Packing Speed 30-60bag/min(inverter speed adjustment) 30-60bag/min(inverter speed adjustment)
Bag Size W:30-140mm W:30-190mm
L:30-170mm L:30-210mm
Bag length is customizable Bag length is customizable
Sealing Type Three-side/Four-side/Back sealing Three-side/Four-side/Back sealing
Total Power single lane 2.3kw  double lane 2.9kw single lane 2.5kw  double lane 3.3kw
Voltage 380V or made accordingly 380V or made accordingly
Machine Weight 280kg 320kg
Machine Size 930x730x1880mm 930x730x1880mm
Configuration Place of origin
Touch Screen
PLC Japan
Color Mark Tracking Sensor Japan
Circuit Breaker Korea
Temperature control meter Japan
DRM(solid-state relay) Germany
Thermocouple China
Ribbon Printer China
Private Service Motor Japan
Bearing Japan



1. Bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting are all finished automatically.

2. Either under set length control or photo-electronic color tracing, we set bag length and cut in one step. Time and film saving.

3. The temperature is under independent PID control, more suitable for different packing materials.

4. The driving system is simple and reliable, and maintenance is easy.

5. Applicable material should be composite films like: PET/PE, Paper/PE, PET/AL/PE, OPP/PE.

Details information


1.Auger measurement type: We made auger by ourselves. Each auger is full stainless steel 304

The auger range: 0-5ml, 5-20ml, 20-50ml, 30-100ml, 80-350ml. If you change packing volume. Need to change this part

2.Bearings: We know that the bearings are critical to packing machine.Many of our bearings are imported brands (Germany and Japan)

3. Step motor:The stepping motor that we use is AC 110V, with large torque and long life. Other companies generally have DC less than 60V, short force and short life, and poor precision.

Our Leading time and warranty


Guarantee: One year from the date of shipment against any manufacturing defects

Shipment: Within 15 working days from receiving 30% deposit

Payment: T/T, 30% deposit in advance and full payment before delivery

Kindly Reminder


Please let us know the follow packing details when you offer,so that we can check if this model is suitable for your case.

1. Product details

2. Bag width,bag length

3. Bag shape

4. Packing film material

5. Machine frame

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