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We can pack all kinds of products


So far,there are many countries to cooperate with our company,like the United States, The United Kingdom, Italy, El Salvador, Bangladesh, etc., involving food, medicine, chemical industry. We can  pack all kinds of products ,like  granule , powder , liquid sauce, tablet capsules, etc.

Now We take a large trading company in Bangladesh as an example, specifically introduce the white granulated sugar - granule packaging machine - The whole process of The customer from the purchase of packaging machine to the factory inspection.

First of all, we must know about  the characteristics and fluidity of the packaging products required by the customer. The customer need to provide us pictures or videos of the products. If it is convenient, you’d better provide us with the products directly. Secondly, the type of finished bag should be provided, whether it is three-side seal, four-side seal, back-seal or special-shaped bag. The quantity of each bag, the size of the bag. Voltage in customer country. Finally, according to all the requirements of the customer, we will recommend the appropriate machine model to you , the engineer will draw the bag diagram and we need customer to confirm if it is what you need .

In this order, customer ordered 2 PCS sugar packing machines, one with four side sealing and one with back sealing. The Bangladesh client arranged the people from Shanghai office to inspect the machine, accompanied by engineers and foreign trade staff. sugar is put into the machine, blanking, bag-making, sealing, cutting and finished bags are checked and measured by customers one by one, and the final sample bags meet the requirements of customers.Please check the pictures and videos of customer acceptance.

If necessary, engineers can be arranged to your country for guidance. In this special period, we can provide video guidance on wechat at any time

Post time: Sep-14-2021