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Tablets/capsules/pills/candy VFFS Paking machine

Shanghai Zhonghe’s packaging machine is suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics and other industries. Today, I will mainly talk about the pharmaceutical industry.

According to the packaged products, there are mainly tablets, powders, and liquids. Packaged tablets include vitamin tablets and capsules.

At present, a large-scale pharmaceutical company in El Salvador is cooperating with our company. About 10 tablet machines are ordered back every year, and the powder machine trial order is in. There are also several pharmaceutical companies in the United States ordering machines for vitamin tablets.


About the production of the machine

Each machine is customized according to the customer’s requirements, and we can also help you design the entire assembly line according to the size of the plant provided by the customer.

Our company has 22 years of production experience, and the equipment produced is in line with the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The parts contacting the material can be made of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel according to customer requirements.


The packaging of vitamin tablets and capsules is mainly designed to be packaged in several tablets. Customers need to provide the size of vitamin tablets and capsules and the number of packaging in each bag. We design the size and number of holes of the counting plate according to the requirements. In order to ensure the accuracy of packaging, customers can send us tablets to help you debug the test machine, and take videos and pictures of the test machine for you to ensure that the equipment is running well before leaving the factory. Customers can directly put the materials into use when they receive the equipment.


Customer-specific tablets Vitamin tablets Capsules Please see the attached pictures.


About machine after-sales and service

Each machine has a dedicated engineer debugging and tracking before leaving the factory. After receiving the equipment, if there are any questions, the engineer can at any time provide online guidance or video guidance.




Post time: Jan-07-2022